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Bánh Mì Station Now Open at Sylvan | Thirty

Bánh Mì Station, a fast-casual restaurant specializing in classic Vietnamese sandwiches, is now open at Sylvan | Thirty. Located on the south side of the development near AT&T and Vernacular, Bánh Mì Station is open daily for lunch and dinner.

“Dating back to the 1950s, the bánh mì sandwich is a by-product of the French colonization of Vietnam. Made with a blend of Vietnamese and French ingredients that showcase the best of both culinary worlds, I am delighted to soon share the journey of bánh mì with Sylvan | Thirty visitors,” said Bánh Mì Station owner Kevin Vivorakij.

Starting with a warm, toasted baguette or a steamed bun, customers can fill their sandwiches to the brim with an assortment of meats and toppings, including five-spice pork belly, grilled lemongrass chicken, Viet-style duck confit, pickled carrots and daikon, cucumber, garlic aioli or handcrafted sauce. In addition, this latest foodie sensation offers various sides, such as fries, kale slaw and red curry mac and cheese, along with Vegan dishes and soft serve ice cream.

The interior of Bánh Mì Station is just as inviting as its menu. Drawing inspiration from the vintage feel of a train station, architectural firm Coeval Studio transformed the 1,440-square foot space to exude a French and industrial style. The restaurant holds nearly 50 people both inside and outside on the enclosed arched trellis patio.

“Bánh Mì Station fits perfectly in with Sylvan | Thirty’s fundamental qualities – a place for people from all walks of life to gather and explore different cultures while enjoying a delicious meal together,” said Brent Jackson, President of Oaxaca Interests and developer of Sylvan | Thirty.

Bánh Mì Station accepts catering orders through an easy online submission process, while also partnering with Favor for convenient delivery service during business hours.

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Bánh Mì Station can be found online at

1818 Sylvan Ave, Ste C100 Dallas, Texas 75208

Media Contact:

Cooper Smith Agency, (214) 329-9191

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